Friday, May 27, 2011

The Winds of Change are Blowing


Hi Y’all...  Yep, those winds are really blowing!  Weather-wise, tornados up and down the Alley, and east and west of the Alley!  Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee,even Northern California of all places.  Earthquakes, tsunamis, radiation spreading across the Pacific, and volcanic activity in Iceland, again.  Other places that don’t get tornados, like where I live in the mountains of northeastern Arizona, have endured strong and continuing winds for months now.  Unexpected high temperatures followed by sudden freezes have made gardening iffy.  We need this food!

The political winds are blowing... the Patriot Act has been extended, giving TSA more encouragement to grope and irradiate little children and senior citizens, not to mention the many business travelers who fly across the planet on a daily basis.  Are we that afraid of shadows that we allow our sovereignty to disappear?  What happened to Live Free or Die?

Economically, we are really struggling.  Our dollar is losing value; the money lenders have not only defiled the temples, but the marketplaces as well.  Mortgages are hard to get, jobs pay much less (when you can find one).  Our homes are worth less every month, but the payments and costs of maintenance don’t go down.  Hundreds of neighborhoods across the country are turning into ghost towns, as family after family have abandoned “the American dream.”  Retirees are watching their savings diminish and are having to stretch to live on just their social security.  The gap between rich and poor is growing exponentially.

There are wars, and rumors of wars, there are comets, not enough sunspots, or too many sunspots.  There are conspiracy theories aplenty about everything from weather manipulation by HAARP, to invasions of space aliens to either save us, or enslave us.  Help!!

Are these the End Times?  What does that mean, anyway?  The rapture was supposed to happen six days ago, but was apparently called off due to bad weather.  I understand there has been another date for that set.  We’ll see.

I want this blog to be a forum for all of us who are desperately bracing ourselves to withstand these winds, and come through stronger and wiser.  I just have one request:  be respectful of one another.  There are enough wars nowadays.  And please, I am old enough to blush at bad language, so none of that either.


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  1. We all will be touched by these winds if we haven't been already, and it won't be just once. Sometimes it might be a light breeze on our cheek as we see yet another statistic on the economy. Other times it will hit us from behind with tornado force, either literally or figuratively. One constant I observe will be the unlimited ways people will respond. For some it will be the growth of hatred or apathy as the negative thoughts eat away our humanity. For others, it will be to dig deep into our souls and find the strength to stand up and DO SOMETHING POSITIVE...use the change as a means of waking up our hearts and remembering that what we do as individuals on a daily basis does matter.